About us

Hoard Couture started out as the name of a small scale sculptural dress line made from items collected and kept by artist Judi Krew for over 50 years. She has worked over 35 years in the visual arts as an award winning painter, teacher, and community volunteer. With the surging popularity of "reuse, repurpose and recycle" as a mantra, the artist evolved her work to use textiles as the source for inspiration. 

Whether upcycled, re-imagined, reclaimed or entirely original, Hoard Couture fashions are always one-of-a-kind.  Hoard Couture Original Denim pieces do not use patterns or follow a particular plan in the creative process. Garments emerge using the same elements as a painting: line, shape, color, texture and space (or fit). 

Pop up shops, fashion shows and this online store are the only places to buy a piece of Hoard Couture for your wardrobe. The artist is always willing to discuss the fit and care of your pieces before and after purchase.