Hoard Couture

Hoard Couture Original Denim Jumper Dress

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Two tank dresses were used, one for the front and one as the back, then narrowed from size 2X to a medium or so. Front top is of a lightly quilted denim and the back is small check weave patterned denim. Accent "belt" waistband, decorative buttons and a pocket between the shoulder blades to hold your small items make this a one of a kind creation. Faux shoulder closures and a strap across the chest are just even more added detailing. This piece also has side pockets for easy living comfort. Bottom edge hem is left raw in the back. Machine wash cold, line dry. 4 garments were used.

Label in back of one dress: Original TY Wear

Estimated to fit  S - M+

Overall length:46" / Shoulder: 12" (tank style) / Chest: 18"

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