There is no way....

I hear that a lot. "There is no way I would wear so many different ______(colors, textures, shapes etc...take your choice)___ in one outfit! I wouldn't know where to start."  To steal the words from the Sound of Music, you start at the very beginning....that is a very good place to start... with your favorite or chosen core piece you wish to wear.  In this case, the vest. Then you look at the accent color, in this case denim, and chose an item to pull that out tone. Next is the core color, in this case orange or gold, and echo that color with a balance of even proportions. Notice how the size of the woven vest, and the shirt and purse and shoe accents all add up to the same estimated visual area. A little print on the shirt to pick up the colors within the textile and a long strand of beads to pull the eye down to connect the two large blocks of denim. Think of it as legos for layering. Connect your look and you will connect with style. Have fun however, no matter what you wear, life is short and most people are thinking only about what they have on, not you, unless you look so great they can't help but admire your edge.

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