Building Blocks

We build and we build.... but at some point it will all come tumbling down. How long do we let a pile grow? After what time should we let it all go? Things to consider for sure....

For now, lets talk about building pattern upon pattern. Scale and balance, it all comes down to that. The circles and dots are repeated, the size narrows accordingly and naturally the smaller dots work up the vest visually via the buttons to become the swirl of embroidery around the neckline. A natural transition. The shoes echo the design, the bag has squares the same scale as the dots and the lime green adds our pop of color and is repeated in the bag. Large jewelry would throw off the balance, as the outfit is weighted to the lower body and keeps the look long. Don't cut yourself in half by adding equal visual weight to your neckline. Sometimes balance is about being "off balance", an uneven distribution of visual interest to keep the eye moving in the right direction for your figure.

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